Software Engineer - Drone

About PopcornApps

Vision, Passion, Experience came together as Popcornapps. We blend great design and cutting edge technology to solve complex business problems. At PopcornApps we have assembled industry leadership, product specialists, mobile fanatics and tech evangelists to deliver a simple vision. A vision of elegant experiences built on effective solutions in the always on, connected world. We are passionate about what technology can do to realize this vision and we work on the cutting edge of a myriad of technologies to forge answers to complex problems



Salary (INR)



1 - 10 years



Mandatory Skills


Job Description

We are looking for an adept Software Developer. You will develop top-notch software that work across platforms and is scalable. You will be working with the development team based in our Seattle based office. As part of the core team, you will be responsible for building new features and maintaining an application that is used by thousands of enterprise clients everyday. This is a challenging and rewarding position for professionals who thrive on technology and responsibility.

  1. Review current application and identify existing bugs or performance issues.
  2. Write and execute unit tests to assess the functionality of newly developed modules.
  3. Write new programs with clean and testable codes that will integrate the existing software systems.
  4. Document programs scripts, including, drafts, revisions, and final directions.
  5. Perform maintenance activities for new and existing programs.

  1. Advanced level understanding of drone languages.
  2. In-depth knowledge of drone tech.
  3. Must have contributed to open-source software.

Additional Information

  • Job Type   :  Full Time